KNOWING GROUP is an organization with 4 key members plus various collaborators.

The Arts & Fashion Structure:

Wandile Mkhithi – Creative Concepts, Artist and Design
Mthobisi Hlophe -Creative Concepts, Projects and Business Systems
Siyanda Danca – Creative Concepts, Operations
Ntando Zulu – Advisor, Public Relations/Communication

The collaboration between Knowing Group and Robin Thirdfloor was inspired by the similar encounters that we come across. Being from similar societies that have limitations and negative influences. We wanted to come together and navigate out of that status-quo through art and fashion.


The t-shirt was made with various meanings behind its relation to love and its frequency. At the time Robin was working on a mixtape titled Zithande, while we were also looking for manufacturers to sample the design – it made sense to have him own the first ever printed sample.


This t-shirt was manually painted using fabric paint, designed to serve some humour while also being enlightening. From the artist’s point of view, that’s some of Robin’s attributes that made him the perfect fit for the t-shirt.


The denim is a combination of the messages in both tees. The thrifted Levi’s jeans are drawn with a Sharpie Fabric Ink Pen. The skull represents death and ultimate enlightenment (Nirvana). Which most, if not all cultures and religion believe in. While ‘963 represents the frequency of enlightenment.

The concepts and designs are compiled of layers of information, conversations between members of the knowing group, and people we encounter. There isn’t exactly one particular school of thought, but that we conceptualise these items to challenge any limitations the world puts on people. With these three items, Love and Light were the ideas around it.

Pictures by Gift Dick Banda

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