Name: Matthew Burrow

Age: 18

City: Durban, South Africa

Occupation: Fashion Design Student

Instagram: matthew_burrows

I’m a young fashion student, trying to make something of myself. I aspire to try create my ideas into reality, share my thoughts and ideas of fashion. I have been involved in fashion most of my life, my father is the one that got me into fashion and clothing, he works within the fashion industry and I really enjoy his work.

For the first outfit, this is one that has a little bit of subtle colour that really blends in well with the overall colour scheme. My shirt is a vintage Tommy Hilfiger, the font is in yellow with a tartan background which really suits with my coat and also went well with my one yellow lace, I like wearing my Doc Martens this way, it makes them look a little different to the rest but the overall feel of this fit was to be cozy with a bit of class.

The second outfit is something that was inspired by vintage rock and I think it really went well together. I enjoy listening to rock music, so I took something I liked, put it into reality by expressing myself with what I enjoy doing. Something that I do with a lot of my outfits is determined by how I feel that day, the way I would dress myself, ultimately expresses my mood or feelings. That way people can gather a thought of what is on my mind. 

My third outfit, are items that I wear quite regularly. You will often see me wearing all black, with my semi-cropped loose trousers and my Nike Air Max Plus. I wasn’t really inspired by anything when it came to this outfit, it was more of me just throwing something together that turned out really good in my opinion. I also like wearing beanies I feel like they are effortless but can really pull your look together.


My must haves:

What I would call my must-haves in my closet would probably be a quality pair of black trousers, a pair of Nike Air Max. Whether it be the Plus, ’97s, ’95s and a printed tee is all I need.