Rowlene one of the few female R&B/Soul singers that we’ve come to know and has made a name for herself. Many may know her from her guest appearance on Phases¬†off Bad Hair with her frequent collaborator Nasty C.

143 – is vintage Rowlene but with a more matured and refined aesthetic. There’s something slightly different to her sound. The song opens up with Nasty C reciting a candid verse to a lady, it mashed up perfectly with the theme of the song which is centred around the concept of love and relationships coming to an end.

At the same time on the second verse Rowlene tries to convince her lover that it’s not the way it’s suppose to go. It can always turn out differently, the narrative is a very relate-able one if you’ve ever loved before and now it’s “let’s just be friends“. The production is smooth and crispy. 143 sounds like something that Jhene Aiko – esque.