Have listen to KARE a mixtape offering by Durban based singer, songwriter and poet Dacey Dashaun. Dacey is also an Art major graduate from the Durban University of Technology. The crooner cites his influences to be J.Cole and Drake.

KARE is a blend between R&B/Soul dipped in elements of Hip Hop. Of course, the listed influences say it all. Dacey Dashaun manages to mix a range of sound to create KARE. The offering is really a short journey of candid moments where he openly pours out his heart.

My favourite songs on the project are songs like KItes (by Qiniso) a song that boasts authenticity. Kept My End is also a personal favourite of mine which appears on the end part of the project. Dacey Dashaun has a lot of ground to cover when it comes to vocal delivery and presence but he packs together a concise feeling and narrative throughout his effort.

Stream KARE below.