Durban is flooded with loads of talent, the city has constantly proven to be able to produce an embarrassing amount of talent. On the contrary, the city has proven to fail growing the talent it produces. The music scene in Durban normally births a large number of Hip Hop acts or Gqom. It is a rare occurrence when the city produces something different but a decent scene of Indie alternative acts have been making a name for themselves. I’ve always felt that there’s a lack of R&B/Soul singers in the city and in the country.

Saptic is a Dark R&B singer, a relatively unknown name but with his debut EP A Thousand Pieces out, it’s time to see what the Durban crooner has to offer. He opens up his debut effort with the candid song titled Fake Love. Saptic talks about people only loving him when everything is good and wavy. It seems to be a really constant topic among artists. Saptic sounds alone and cold, you can hear his emotions, with an honest delivery. He manages to strike relatabilty with his audience. Fake Love doesn’t show off his vocal ability that much but the song does enough for an intro.

War Cry Saptic still embraces his feelings, he boats a ton of emotions throughout the hook of War Cry. He is assisted by frequent collaborators Flux C’ Benzo and Lenn Frisco the latter who steals the show and the best moments on the song, seeming very comfortable on the beat. Saptic carries the song by providing the hook and letting the two rappers enjoy themselves, War Cry is probably one of the most memorable songs on A Thousand Pieces. A lot of talented artist struggle to channel their emotions into their music. They’re usually caught up in trying to make the music that their emotions aren’t in the music. Saptic has a boat load of emotion shown on every song,

With A Thousand Pieces themed around love, fornication and substance, Saptic gives off the same emotion throughout the project, but it still doesn’t sound monotonous. Of course it being a six track extended play, it can either be too short or too monotonous. Enlisting a bunch of different producers adds a different dynamic on his work. The latter stages of the project seem to be the most enjoyable.