With the current Covid-19 pandemic going on, everybody is at home and consuming more digital content than usual – odds are your screentime has increased in an exponential manner. Flipping from IG live to Twitter thread, to YouTube video after YouTube video with a ton of Netflix in the mix.

As much as we are glued to our screens more than ever, odds are we’re still bound to miss a few gems that find their way on the internet. The same sentiment can be shared for Vanity’s Vanity. A music playlist by Pretoria based Durban artist Vanity Of Man. If you remember, Vanity’s last offering MMMMM? Swayze was on our First Six Months: Top 5 Albums On The Internet List For 2018. Since that release, Vanity has been occupied with his live music experience Kulture Club in Hatfield Pretoria.

The playlist consists of original music performed and written by Vanity Of Man. It is curated by his creative director Yuri. Yuri was responsible for the sequencing and cover art layouts throughout the moody playlist. Vanity and Yuri describe the playlist as “a collection of songs from various unreleased projects, compiled for a concise listening experience.” The eleven-song playlist welcomes features from acts such as K.Onyx and Mugen to keep Vanity company.

The playlist is a very dark musical experience, it barely feels like daytime throughout the collection of songs. This is also based displayed with each individual song art. It’s a nighttime playlist that slowly crosses over to early morning as the sun slowly rises on records like Final Fight and Vibe Chasers – the former being my personal favourite on the listen.

Stream the playlist below.