Artist: BACEgang

Label: Independent

Type: Mixtape

Genre: Hip Hop/Trap


Not so long ago BACEgang was at constant ascendance. The Durban group were steady pioneering their own style of hip hop and coined it “Durban Trap”. 2016 was their greatest output year, releasing a song almost every month – it was evident that the consistency was reaping rewards. The group kept riding their own wave that it started to attract attention from their peers in the Durban hip hop scene. This led to the BACEgang Cypher, a well promoted cypher that consisted of acts such as Nasty C, WTF Efelow and DJ Wobbly dropping the needle. it was a very exciting time for hip hop in Durban and BACEgang were at the eye of the storm and even making cameo appearances on Big Star Johnson’s My Year.

They managed to carry that momentum all the way into 2017, a collaboration with Aewon Wolf on Pikachu – it seemed like the Gang was en route to national status. Even though they were rumours around the song being leaked without Aewon’s consent, that counted for very little.

From that point they were seen performing in all the relevant events in Durban. They were even working with Sketchy Bongo on a tape and somehow that all fell through, we started seeing less and less of BACEgang. Out of site, out of mind – that was the current situation. The group went silent for a while, of course they dropped a few singles every now and again but it wasn’t enough to maintain the fast paced reputation they had built. It also seemed as if the group had disbanded with member MHM I releasing his solo project and working with Blaq Smith on his visuals.

Now it’s 2018 and the group is at the rebuilding phase, obviously not from the ground up – no. In February they dropped their first official single off I Though This Was An Album. New Cali was a lot different compared to their raunchy trap anthems that they treated us with and became known for. New Cali is a smooth summer song, with “let’s drive down to the beach” vibes. A new fresh approach, the song was well received by plenty and even got reviews from various music blogs.

ITTWAA opens up with 04 Cheese, a melodic intro with Blvckboyblvck on the hook based around the theme of getting money. Not a bad effort at all but Goldilocks really goes in from every aspect, I just want to first dive into its production. It sounds like something XXYYXX produced just before the heavy 808’s drop. The song is themed around a girl that suffers from daddy issues, lives the night life and falls victim to the finer things in life. Melodically BACEgang have gotten way better than they were before, they’ve stepped up their lyrical content and production.

This is evident in songs like Need You, a song that could easily be ignored but is one of the solid efforts on the tape, it’s like they’ve traded the rough edged Durban Trap for a more refined and smoother aesthetic. The six track EP doesn’t sound like the BACEgang of old but still borrows from their old sound as if they’re partially reminiscing. Burning Bush is without fail the best song on the EP, with Lyric The Outie opening up the song. When he speaks about the group being ahead of their time at the time they were rising, which is true in every aspect. Their style was stolen and repackaged. Will the group be able to recreate their winning formula and surpass their previous efforts is a mystery and only time will tell. The effort is definitely a grower and overtime it becomes more and more enjoyable. For now you can stream the EP.