Costa Titch and AKA are starting to become frequent collaborators, with three songs under their belt if you count their latest release Super Soft. The two first paired for the Nkalakatha remix which was followed up by Blessings off Costa Titch’s debut album Made In Africa. Their second effort was well received and was somewhat of a cult classic.

With a proven track record of two for two, a third single wasn’t something anyone asked for or felt like we needed however the two artists still delivered a third with Super Soft. To be honest, I didn’t expect AKA to be releasing new music anytime soon after the untimely passing of his fiance.

Super Soft from start to finish sounds like an AKA brainchild handed off to Costa Titch, The single opens up with a layered sample of Kortes by Mshoza & Mzambiya, sampling classic Kwaito songs has become second nature for AKA. The production is handled by AKA, Zadok, 031CHOPPA and Mustbedubz. The production is well balanced and doesn’t rely on the sample to do most of the heavy lifting as you might often hear with most songs that try to bring back classics.

You might confuse Costa Titch for AKA in the first few opening lines then you actually realise that it’s Costa and not AKA. This is telling of the overarching influence that AKA had on the song from a sonics standpoint. AKA does give us an underwhelming verse but at the same time this is not the song you listen to for impressive verses, it’s big on vibes and it is certainly something made for going outside.

Make sure to stream the single below and watch the official video review, which is available on our YouTube channel linked below.

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