Within this independent regime of rising artists in Durban and all over South Africa. You find that independence allows them to explore sonically and continuously genre bend. This is great and all but it can sometimes present inconsistency which can sometimes be the bearer between Indie acts and their true potential.

I have to say it is quite the opposite for Neo-Drum producer, singer and songwriter Garde. Garde is one of the few Indie artists that are truly self-aware when it comes to their sound. When it comes to sonic consistency I would group him with a Muzi. You know exactly what you’re likely to get and it works. Garde has pioneered his own brand of music which he calls Neo-Drum and he has always stayed true to it.

It is no different on Swipe It (Eye Sight) the singer sticks to his Neo-Drum guns and enlists Evoe as a guest on his two-part release. Swipe It serves as a follow up to his latest record Alone which is assisted by Kaien Cruz. To be honest it is exactly what you would expect from Garde, a well-structured piece of production, a solid hook and a song that’s very progressive. He even throws in a little twist in the latter phases of the song as it completely switches up at the end to Eye Sight, which could literally be another song on its own. Having seen Garde work in the studio, it’s safe to assume that Eye Sight is a separate song that exists somewhere on his hard drive. The second part explores a more deliberate R&B take on things and it would be nice to hear as a standalone song maybe on his next project.

Speaking of projects, when it comes to Garde, in all honesty, he has the singles game on lock. If you look at his singles strike rate, Appreciation, Alone and now Swipe It (Eye Sight), these are incredibly good songs with some nice numbers behind them too. May be mixed with a lot of inconsistency in between them, the singer tends to go very MIA though in his defence he has been doing some production work with Rhea Blek on her upcoming effort, he also appeared on the Red Bull Dubane Connect release.

With that being said, the real question still stands and that question is; can he make a concise body of work? As an artist, you can only be judged on your most recent full project. In 2020, it would be nice to hear where he is as an artist and the best way to do that is a brand new body of work. Judging by the volume of music he has been putting out, there might be something in the pipeline.

Stream Swipe It (Eye Sight) below.