Name: Tyrese Rooi
Age: 18
City: Born and Raised in the beautiful coastal city of Durban but currently residing in Cape Town.
Occupation: Studying Business Science specialising in Marketing at University of Cape Town.
Instagram: tyreserooi

I’m firm believer in unconventional methods and ideas. I see myself as a diversified individual who likes to dip into the waters of different cultures. My interest in “fashion”, “street style” or whatever one may perceive it as these days, was mostly influenced by the city I grew up in. It was the domestic surroundings that I grew up in that evoked my exploration so it varies from the colorful, vibrant greenery of KwaZulu Natal and silhouetted patterns of town where most of my ideas are generated from.

I think self-expression played a part in sparking my interest in fashion as I found a medium in which I could convey myself through dress code. I don’t see myself as an “influencer” or “creator” or any other ambitious self-proclaimed titles many may refer to themselves as, but just as a person who enjoys styling and radiating positive energy through the way I dress, and if it meant inspiring a few along the way then it is an additional benefit. For me it’s more of a lifestyle or a way of life, the lingo, slang, music, setting and so on.

Look 1: Future Skhothane

In this look I wear a pair of black mbadadas (sandals), black cropped pants – a staple necessity in my wardrobe. A white windbreaker, a facet of tracksuit mafia and some futuristic shades.

Look 2:

This look is another demonstration of my interest in versatility. Here I wear a striped long sleeve, paired with a red bandanna, cropped blue jeans and Fila Disruptors. For me, I have a niche for stripes, check and scotch patterns and a fetish for a “ugly” or “bulky” unusual pair of sneakers so this look depicts such.

Look 3: Vintage Sportswear

Here I wear a vintage jersey, purple tracksuit pants and a pair of ASICS Gel Lytes. Vintage clothing and sportswear form integral parts of my attire, and I tend to mix it up now and again depending on the mood.

My must haves :

I always complete a fit with a pair of complementary shades, just for control, Other important items include sportswear and plain white Tees just for the odd day. But there isn’t a specific look that I follow I just wear what I feel.